Spinning Components

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  1. Hot Godet

    • High energy efficient operation
    • Guarantees about the firmness of produced yarn even under high temperature
    • Lubrication method: Grease/oil-mist/ventilation
    • Heating method: Electromagnetic induction/high frequency
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  2. Quenching Chamber

    • Used to cool and to make bundles of spun filaments
    • Very precise design.
    • Easy to comprehend mechanism and high efficiency level
    • Offered chamber can be tailor made
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  3. Stainless Steel Hollow Fiber Spinning Spinneret

    • Can be used under high temperature and high pressure
    • With number of holes with specific diameter and shape
    • Made of high quality stainless steel
    • Can be used in staple fiber, differential fiber, nylon, non woven fiber and filament yarn machine
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  4. Stainless Steel Spinneret

    • Made of very high grade stainless steel
    • Used for spinning chemical fiber, polyester fiber & synthetic fiber
    • User friendly design
    • Long working life
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  5. Spin Beam

    • Used for polypropylene non woven fabric yarn
    • Maintain softness and tensile strength of yarn
    • Very easy operating system
    • Very long functional life period
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  6. Spinneret and Spin Pack

    • Made using advanced CNC turning procedure
    • High strength stainless steel for making
    • Application specific design and easy installation method
    • Easy to operate, easy to maintain
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